The Optimum Rebranding


From the core ideas through the logo and the branding to the website. Everything was so outdated that we needed to throw it away and reimagine it all over again.

  • UX / UI
  • Design
  • Development
  • marketing
  • tracking
  • QA
  • Optimization

The Story


Optimum was already a leader on the Australian market and the most loved appliances brand in the country offering much higher quality products than all competitors and at lower prices due to the genious business model behind the brand. They were the uncrowned kings of the market and already growing across continents. But their branding was done in a hurry by a freelancer from India for less than the box of their average product. To put it lightly the king was dressed in drapes. It was high time to call the tailors and design something worthy of the crown.

Defining Features

  • The design of the products was really a really important characteristic of the brand. They look so premium that people often have a special place for them. We had to focus on that.
  • Removing the cheap plastics and replacing them with durable high quality metals gave the products their place in the market. Leading us to the metallic color scheme.
  • Finally the handmade craftsmanship added as a final touch for each product was represented in the branding through the custom optimum script font.

The Goals

  • We were not starting from scratch. We had to represent the defining features of an already loved and respected brand.
  • The design had to add additional value to the products and make customers see the premium quality they are built with. Driving customer satisfaction and sales way up.
  • The products had to look good enough for people to make a special place in their kitchen for them. So that all guests would see them, ask about them and buy one for themselves.

The Website

The foundation of the branding are the products. This is why we represented each product on a background derived from the real materials of the product. This made the products stand out incredibly in an environment they naturally belong in. It was just like the world was made for the products rather than the other way around.

Top 3 Things
About the Project

We realised the need for beauty in the kitchen. It is a special place for every family and high quality products with a premium look made customers feel better.

Good looking products are purchased much more often than ugly ones. So we were betting that improving the looks will improve sales and it did.

Additionally good looking products are noticed a lot more which lead to a significant increase in organic purchases from people who “Saw it once and had to have it!”.

The Results

Everything Optimum produces now looks much more appealing. People place their products in visible places in their kitchen essentially showing them off. People even post picutres on Instagram with their new Optimum appliances. This leads to organic traffic, word of mouth and a significant increase in brand engagement and ultimately sales.

The king now looks worthy of the crown.
  • +37.92 %
    Brand Search
  • +39.73 %
    conversion rate
  • +67.31 %
    social shares
  • +120.71 %
    pages per session
  • +42 %
    Time on Site
  • +68 %
  • +173 $
    Avg. order value
  • -72.31 %
    Purchase hesitation
  • -34.33 %
    less bounce rate

Mario Nafwal

Chief Executive Officer

"I was always focusing on making the products better. But I was focusing heavily on performance and features. Before the rebranding I had no idea how huge the impact of branding and design can be on sales. This is probably my highest ROI project so far. I am so happy that I trusted Startup Masters when they proposed this move. "

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Product Presentation
  • User Story Composition
  • Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Usability Testing
  • Tracking Infrastructure
  • Performance Optimization
  • Quality Assurance

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