Despite the fact that Dreamcatchers is the world’s best hair extensions company things there were being done in a very old school way. Now everything is digital and the company is stronger than ever!

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The Story


Dreamcatchers managed to become the world’s best hair extensions company by having a very clever strategy to acquire customers on trade shows. But over time the trade shows became more and more expensive and the results less and less. So it was time for a change. Initially they contacted us to help them with their digital marketing and lead generation but one thing lead to another and together with our partners from McCandless Group we ended up rebranding the entire company, redesigning the website and digitalizing pretty much every aspect of the business - fulfillment, customer service, social media marketing & advertising, digital marketing automation and much more..

The Challenges

  • The biggest challenge was that nothing in the company was well digitalized. So we had to discuss, plan and digitalize all departments from the warehouse to the marketing.
  • The competition was well ahead of us and had a very strong digital presence as well as Rockefeller’s money provided by enormous venture funds.
  • Several key employees left the company and joined the competition carrying away some very important trade secrets! So the competition is rich, digital, ready and they know all our secrets. We had to start fresh and innovate again.
  • Customer retention and satisfaction turned out to be the company’s biggest problem causing losses of several million dollars per annum due to the lack of digital systems in the customer service and fulfillment departments.

The Goals

  • The main goal of the campaign was to get new customers to sign up for Dreamcatchers’ certification training, complete it and start using dreamcatchers as their hair extensions supplier.
  • Digitalise every aspect of the company - fulfillment, customer service, online store, social media marketing, advertising campaigns & customer acquisition as well as implement tracking systems and much more.
  • Increase customer retention from 63 to 95% and
    Customer Lifetime Value by 70%.

Our Approach

Our main approach was to dramatically simplify the customer journey by introducing digital systems in every department as well as collecting data and performance metrics from them in one place so we can quickly and easily identify the company’s biggest problems. And boy did we find a problem costing them millions of dollars a year. After the amazing success of the marketing campaign, the problem wasn’t acquiring customers … it was keeping them. With the huge influx of customers, the company’s warehouse and customer service staff could not keep up. So we needed to introduce systems to allow customers to give us instant feedback on any problems that might occur as well as systems to allow for the automatic processing of orders, instant communication with customers over phone, email, chat and social media paired with a case resolution system that allowed the team to make sure no issue remains unresolved and no customer disappointed. Did it work? Duh … Hell yeah!

Top Things about
The Campaign

This was the most successful marketing campaign in the company’s history as well as in the history of Startup Masters. Thanks to their incredible understanding of their customers and the amazing offer.

The campaign was so successful that we had to introduce new systems to improve efficiency in every department of the company.

All these systems allowed us to see the bigger picture problems having all the data in one place. Once this was the case we started making the really dramatic improvements in the company’s management to achieve a truly remarkable transformation in their operations and most importantly customer satisfaction. Which lifted the bottom line to a new record high.

The Results

Dreamcatchers saw amazing results right after the launch of their new website and marketing campaigns. The digitalization of all departments increased the company’s effectiveness in ways that we did not even expect.

Website orders increased by 38% and average
order value by 41% in 30 days.
  • +23 %
    Increase in Revenue
  • +38 %
    Increase in Transactions
  • +186 %
    Increase in Traffic
  • 17 x
    Decrease CPA
  • 3.6 x
    Increase in Conversions
  • 11 x
    Return on Ad Spend
  • +41 %
    Average Order Value
  • +63 %
    Customer Lifetime Value
  • -76% %
    Bounce Rate
  • -62% %
    Time to Order
  • +29.35 %
    Customer Retention
  • -210 %
    Loading Time
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Website Redesign
  • Value Proposition Improvements
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Trust Infrastructure
  • Tracking Infrastructure
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Education Portal Development
  • Warehouse System Implementation
  • Customer Service System Implementation

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